Exhibitions, collections, illustrations

Solo exhibitions

2020"Landscapes current and foregone", Louny Gallery in Vrchlicky theatre, Louny
2019"Figures, ceremonies and ornaments", Aleš South Bohemian Gallery, Hluboka nad Vltavou
2017"Stains-figures-features-in drawings-in-paintings", Gallery Becher's villa, Carlsbad
2017"Continuity", Museum Montanelli, Prague
2013"Escape from the Cross", Gallery Vltavin, Prague
2012"Beyond the Horizon", Topicuv salon, Prague
"Paintings, drawings", Magna Gallery, Ostrava
2011"MAGMA - Pilgrim's light", Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary in Most
2009"Blsany - Louny", Benedikt Rejt Gallery, Louny
"Smaller formats", Dion Gallery, Prague
2007"Space and Landscape", Woxart Gallery, Prague
2006"Gatto, tabacco e Venere", Galleria La Subbia, Pietrasanta, Italy
2005"Drawings", Regional Gallery Liberec
"Dual Place", Studio Guastalla, Milan, Italy
"Quasiretro", Manes Exhibition Hall, Prague
2003"Czech Drawings", Gallery of Fine Art Karlovy Vary
2002"Paintings", Bayer&Bayer Gallery, Prague
"Drawings", Gambit Gallery, Prague
2001"Nice Days", Peron Gallery, Prague
1999"Man in the Wind", Ball-Game Hall in the Royal Gardens of Prague Castle, Prague
Gema Gallery, Prague
1997East Bohemian Gallery, Pardubice
Gema Gallery, Prague
1995Gallery of Art, Karlovy Vary
1994-5Czech Museum of Fine Arts, Prague
Gema Gallery, Prague
1994"Early Paintings and Drawings", Gallery °60/°70, Prague
"The Revelation of St. John", Litera Gallery, Prague
1992Gallery pod Vysehradem, Prague
Gema Gallery, Prague
1989Czechoslovak Writers' Gallery, Prague
1987"Paintings", Old Town Hall, City Gallery Prague
Test Gallery, Warsaw
1986Na bidylku Gallery, Brno
House of Culture Opatov, Prague
1985Space, Kostelec nad Cernymi lesy (with J. Beranek)
1983UKDZ House of Culture, Prague
1982House of Culture, Orlova (with K. Gebauer)
1980Neruda St Theatre, Prague
1979Drama Club, Prague
1977Fronta Gallery, Prague (with J. Kaspar)

Participation in Group Shows

2016"12/15, Better Late Than Never", Gallery Nova sin, Prague
2016"Half of 12/15", Gallery Gema, Prague
2009"Aperto!", Dolmen Gallery, Prague
2008"Bláha, Novák, Rittstein - works on paper", Gallery Doma, Kyjov
2007"Typical Painting", New Hall, Woxart, Prague
2006"Gifts Nongifts", House of the Stone Bell, City Gallery Prague
2005"Expression", Czech Museum of Fine Arts, Prague
2001"... About People", Czech Museum of Fine Arts, Prague
1996-7"Art When Time Stood Still. The Czech Art Scene 1969-1958.", Czech Museum of Fine Arts in Prague, Moravian Gallery in Brno, State Gallery in Cheb
1995"Drawing or Painting?", Kinsky Palace, National Gallery, Prague; Governor's Palace, Moravian Gallery, Brno
1994"Smaller Formats", Via Art Gallery, Prague
Gallery Pecka, Prague
"By the dock" (Group exhibition 12/15), Manes Gallery, Prague
1993-4"A Record of Various Factors", Czech Art of 2nd Half of 20th Century from the Collections of State Galleries, Riding Hall of Prague Castle, National Gallery, Prague
1993"Homage to Octavian Broggio", Church of Annunciation, Gallery of Fine Art, Litomerice
1992Karolinum, Central Europe Gallery and Publishing House, Prague
"Czech Art 1960 – 1990", Central Bohemian Gallery – Museum of Modern Art, Prague
1991"And Ten Years Later ...", Gallery of Art, Karlovy Vary
"Czech Globe", (Group exhibition 12/15), City Library, National Gallery, Prague
1990"Contemporary Czech Drawing", Moravian Gallery, Brno
"Unofficial", Moravian Gallery, Brno
"New group", House of Art, Opava
"Homage to J. Chalupecky", New group, City Library, National Gallery, Prague
"Drawing" (Group exhibition 12/15), Fronta Gallery, Prague
1989"Middle Age", House of the Stone Bell, City Gallery Prague
"Middle Age", State Gallery, Zlin
1988Prague Salon, Prague
"One Older, One Younger" (Group exhibition 12/15), Community Centre, Prague - Vysocany
"The Possibility of Art in Space", Forum, Prague
"Group exhibition 12/15, Better Late Than Never", House of Culture, Kolodeje near Prague
1986"A4", H Gallery, Kostelec nad Cernymi lesy
1985"Quatrain", H Gallery, Kostelec nad Cernymi lesy
1984"Large Drawing", H Gallery, Kostelec nad Cernymi lesy
1983Gong, Prague, Vysocany
"Little Boxes", H Gallery, Kostelec nad Cernymi lesy
"New Drawings", Gallery of Art, Karlovy Vary
1982Fronta Gallery, Prague (with V. Blaha, J. Beranek and P. Pavlikem)
1981Gallery of Art, Karlovy Vary, House of Culture, Sokolov (with V. Blaha, I. Ouhel, P. Pavlik, M. Rittstein and J. Sozansky)
Karlova St. Gallery, Prague
"Tabor Meeting", Gallery in the Tower, Tabor
"Drawing – Graphic Art", Gamekeeper's Lodge of Hvezda Castle, Prague
1979"Drawings", Orlicka Gallery, Rychnov nad Kneznou
"The Man – The Man's Space II", Dobris
1978"Confrontation II", Institute of Microbiology, Prague
1977"Confrontation" (at the studio of J. Mzyk), Prague
1976Vaclav Spala Gallery, Prague
1973Fronta Gallery, Prague
1972E. F. Burian Theatre, Prague

Participation in Group Shows Outside the Czech Republic

1996"Spet, abr doch" (Group show 12/15), Niederosterreichisches Landesmusem Wien, Austria
1994Museum of Arts, Frederikshaven, Denmark
1992"The Prague Situation", Gallery La Manoir, Martigny, Switzerland
1991"Contemporary Czech Art. The 1970s Generation", Taidemuseo, Helsinky, Finland
"Vent d´Est. Quatre expressions de la peinture Tcheque.", Gallery le Quartz, Brest, France
Gallery l´Oeil´de Boeuf, Paris, France
1990Christies, New York, USA
"Czech Art in the Velvet Revolution", Nassau County Museum of Art, New Jersey, USA
"Middle Age", Budapest, Hungary
1989"Inoffiziel", Museum der Stadt, Regensburg, Germany
1988The Collection of Edward Albee, Freeman Gallery, Allbright College, Pasadena, USA

Representation in Collections

National Gallery, Prague
City Gallery Prague
Czech Museum of Fine Arts in Prague
Ales South Bohemian Gallery in Hluboka nad Vltavou
Gallery of Art in Karlovy Vary
Regional Gallery in Liberec
Gallery of Modern Art in Roudnice nad Labem
Gallery of Fine Arts in Klenova

Illustration Works

Vladimir Novak, Serena Vitale, "Gatti in crisi d'identita. Tre racconti, due gatti e novanta cartigli." Salani 2008
Ales Skrivan, Petr Krivsky, "More, objevy, staleti" (The Sea, Discoveries, Centuries). Prague, Mlada fronta 1980
Jaroslav Veis, Alexandr Kramer, "Experiment pro treti planetu" (Experiment for the Third Planet). Prague, Mlada fronta 1977
Jules Verne, "Ze Zeme na Mesic" (From the Earth to the Moon). Prague, Mlada fronta 1977

Awards for Illustration Works

1981BIB Bratislava bronze plaque for illustrations of the book More, objevy, staleti (The Sea, Discoveries, Centuries)
1980Prize for the finest book of the year, awarded by the Czech Ministry of Culture and the Museum of Czech Literature